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    Yoga Room

    Welcome to Yoga Room Online

    Home-made with Love and Passion for yoga. The goal of Yoga Room Online is to support our yoga teachers who are all independent contractors.
    100% of your donations will go them. Without you, we cannot do this, you support is important.
    All yoga classes are available online for 48 hours.

    Message from Pierre

    Donate for our teachers

    Our yoga teachers are all independent contractors. As our studios are closed for the COVID-19, they don’t teach yoga and don’t make any revenue.  We made Yoga Room Online to secure some revenues for our teachers and to keep offering you the yoga you love with them. Please  donate for every class you watch.


    Core Yoga (EN)

    Teacher: Sarah Woodman

    The core is the foundation of most poses in yoga. This class aims at developing the core strength and control over the mid-section of the body. By developing this part of the body, it is possible to build confidence on and off the mat and give the lower back the support it needs. Suitable for all levels. Core class is ideal for anyone looking for a stronger core and a challenging class. PAY FOR YOUR CLASS BY DONATING TO YOUR TEACHERS.

    Listen to her Playlist, click HERE

    Expires Friday 10.00 am 

    Open Flow (EN)

    Teacher: Bruce Chung

    Open flow is a flow class where options will be given for all levels. Each and every posture will be explained with the different levels in mind: beginner yogis will have their modified options available for them, advanced yogis will be able to go all the way into the pose. This class will teach every student at their own level to move their body skillfully and safely on the mat. PAY FOR YOUR CLASS BY DONATING TO YOUR TEACHERS.

    Listen to her Playlist, click HERE

    Expires Friday 10.00 am

    Hatha Yoga (EN)

    Teacher: Donovan

    Hatha Yoga is more traditional approach to the system of practicing asanas (poses) In a hatha class, you will practice less poses and hold them for longer periods in order to explore them more fully and understand how to work with your mind. Hatha yoga is a great place to learn how to do poses properly and safely before you apply the in flow yoga. PAY FOR YOUR CLASS BY DONATING TO YOUR TEACHERS.

    Expires Wednesday 8.00 am

    Live from home

    Yoga Flow

    Teacher: Simone

    Yoga Burn is a practice that is focused on activating, strengthening and toning all muscle groups in the body. This style of yoga is upbeat, uplifting and fun. It includes a combination of Yogalates and Kriya yoga based movements. This practice assists in cultivating awareness of the emotional body. Suitable for all levels, especially students who want to sweat and challenge their practice. PAY FOR YOUR CLASS BY DONATING TO YOUR TEACHERS.

    La Playlist du Yoga Burn, cliquez ICI

    Expires Samedi à 10.00 am